National science day celebration

National science day (3)
  • February 28, 2022 - 10:00
  • MDN Future School Lakhani

Today’s National science day celebration , Virtual tour of ISRO ( Indian space research organisation)

“Event : National Science Day celebration on (28th Feb. 2022)
Introduction: Every year India celebrates 28th Feb as National Science day
In the honor of Dr. C. V. Raman for his contribution in the field of science (light scattering effect) and discovery of the Raman effect.
In MDN Future School, To celebrate this day various event was held in our school and performed by our students on the science based topic.
• Virtual Tour on ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization.
• Science based model presentation by students of grade (6 to 9).

About Virtual Tour On ISRO :-(Indian Space Research Organization)
• Introduction About ISRO
Founder :- Dr. HomiJ. Bhabha
Dr. Vikram Sarabhai
• ISRO was formed in 1969
• ISRO was established by india’s 1st P.M. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
About different satellites ,(Aryabhatt is the first ISRO built satellite)
• About Thumba equatorial Rocket Launching Station, first started at premise of St. Mary Magdalene Church near Trivendrum.

• About different SLV’s ISRO is having (PSLV,GSLV etc)

• Few facts about Indias 1st moon mission (Chandrayan)
• Fact about mars mission of India’s ‘MOM’ (Mars Orbital Mission)
(As India is a first country to reach to the mars in the first attempt)
• Satellite communication
Importance of satellite communication in today’s life and its utilization in different fields.
• Video of PSLV rocket launching for mom’s mars mission.About ISRO new achievement. On 14 Feb 2022-PSLV-C52 launch/ EOS-04, Satellite (INSAT_2TD, EOS-04, INSPIRE sat-1).
Student Science Based Model
• Grade VI- How to make electric circuit
• Grade VII- Rainwater Harvesting Model
• Grade VIII- Human Digestive System
• Yamuna river pollution
• Grade IX – Energy Regeneration Model
• Presentation given by grade 9 student on “ISRO INTRODUCTION” guided by Facilitator Mrs. Swati singh.


Conclusion Of Event
• Student get to learn Fact behind the science day celebration on 28thFebruary of every year.
• Get introduced to modern technology ( satellite communication).
• Get introduce to space science , learn fact about ISRO , STORY behind its origin.
• Student get motivated & inspired by our great scientists ( Former President A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Dr.C .V.Raman ,Dr. Homi .J.Bhabha , DR. Vikram Sarabhai )

Event Conducted by Facilitator : Mrs. Swati Singh
( MDN Future school ,Lakhani , Bhandara ,MH)”





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