From Principal’s Desk

Mrs Viji S Tiwari Principal

Dear Parents/Well-wishers,

I take this opportunity to welcome you to MDN Future School, Lakhani and hope that the information which follows will provide you with some useful insights into the possibilities that exist for your children in this wonderful school.

MDN Edify Education (P) Ltd is an initiative of DRS. MDN Edify Education (P) Ltd boasts of the following successful divisions: DRS International School, DRS Kids, Edify Kids, Edify School, MDN Future School, and Edify Para Education. Establishment of DRS International School at Hyderabad in 2003 and a chain of over 100 preschools across India, under the brand name DRS Kids and Edify Kids, have made its presence in the field of education. In 2011 MDN Edify Education opened the door to world class education through MDN FUTURE SCHOOLS  making quality education accessible and affordable to all children.

As it enters into its second year since inception, MDN Future School Lakhani, continues to provide our children with an environment where they can figure out their varied interests while pursuing an academically rigorous 3C Curriculum. The 3Cs stand for Character, Competence and Content. The 3Cs form the framework of the entire curriculum. The curriculum is learner centric and child-friendly ensuring that children learn for the love of learning. 3C encompasses a range of Trans-disciplinary themes with the common thread of 'What I Know', 'What I want to know', 'How do I learn' and 'What I learnt' to ensure children become reflective, and learning becomes insightful. Some of the important key elements of 3C are that besides academic achievements, Sports and Performing Arts form an integral part of the curriculum.

Our holistic education program is designed by infusing the best of international learning practices, which provide the best learning environment to each individual learning style of the child. At the same time, however, those attributes espoused by the 3C Learner Profile provide the cornerstone to an all round education that is critical in developing well rounded young people who will make a positive and productive contribution to the world in which they live well beyond school. These are lived as well as taught in the everyday life of the school.

MDN Future School teachers truly distinguish themselves: they encourage kids to experiment, express themselves in and out of the classroom and the teachers take genuine interest in each and every child. For any motivated student, MDN Future School is a great place to learn, make lifelong friendships and pursue and excel in extra-curricular interests be it in art, music, theatre, sports, IT or community service. For students who want this balance throughout their school years, MDN Future School is the appropriate place.

In the end, no words can perfectly convey the true spirit and sense of community that exists in a school. Thus, I hope you will take the opportunity to visit us in order to get a better sense of what a special place we have here at MDN Future School, Lakhani, for your ward/s.

On behalf of the school management, I extend my sincere thanks to all the parents for showing trust and joining hands with us to take forward the Vision and Mission of our school.

We wish a bright future for your ward/s and look forward for your continued support and co-operation.

Mrs Viji S Tiwari