Parent School Partnership

Parental Involvement at MDN Future School ranges from reading together at Kindergarten 'Read with me workshop', to volunteering in classrooms as a 'Resource Parent' , to getting involved when children are out on Field trips. The benefits of Parental Involvement is :

For better parental understanding of their child's school experience, in order to build a closer parent-child bond.

For Classroom & field trip support for Teachers and better understanding of the child's family roots.

For the increase in self confidence and self-esteem of the student as they see their parents showing interest in their class activities. Children learn best when the significant adults in their lives their Parents, teachers and community members work together to encourage and support them. The School alone cannot address all of the child's developmental needs. Hence the meaningful involvement of parental support is essential and for the Facilitators to work together with the Parents and thus catering to an environment in which trust & mutual respect for each other can flourish. A student too gets a message of peace & begins to learn with ease when they see their parents & teachers engaged in a respectful manner working towards their progress. This is where 3C learner's profile comes in and helps all concerned work on a common platform towards a common goal.

MDN Future School is the best platform available in our area for our child. The 3c curriculum made by Edify has a good syllabus and learning methods are really innovative as well as stress free. The other activities including Field Trips help to develop personality and knowledge. The students enjoy learning. The rubrics inform us about the progress and deficiencies of our child.

Parent’s name:-

Suresh Makade (Lakhani)

We are very glad that such excellent educational institute has come up in Lakhani. M D N future school focuses on not only academics but over all development of child. We are very happy and look forward to continued growth of the school. Thanks.

Parent’s name:-

Sandip L. Borkar (Lakhani)

I, Mangesh Halmare, would love to share my opinion for MDN Future School, Lakhani. The educational environment that the school has created for the students is commendable and praiseworthy. Every physical need of the student has been taken care of. Every sports equipment that the school should have is available in MDN Future School and the students are utilizing that equipment for their betterment. School has very creative Art Room, joyful Dance Room and motivational Sport Room.

Teachers are attentive. They are always available to solve every problem that we face, always ready to answer every question asked to them.

Transportation facilities of school are to be admired. Every aspect of student’s safety is being taken care of.   My child has not faced a single problem till date.

The Curriculum and Assessment Systems are really very unique. New innovative teaching methods are helping the students. I have seen immense positive change in my child.


Parent’s name:-

Mangesh Halmare (Lakhani)