Dr. Kundlik Girhepunje

Dr. Kundlik Girhepunje, Chairperson is a Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences. He has more than 10 years of wide experience in the field Teaching and Education. From childhood he learn (started working) handling family business which make him, Disciplined, hardworking and passionate toward his goals. He strongly Believe that only education has the power to transform the society. In today’s global world, the educational scenario has changed so far. We need to inculcate Indian moral values with World class education, even such kind of education should reach to small towns. With this vision he joined hands with MDN Edify education Pvt.Ltd, to start world class MDN future school at Lakhani.

Dr. Ranju Pal

Dr. Ranju Pal Girhepunje, Director has obtained Doctorate in Pharmacology. Has wide experience in the field of Education and Research, worked with various Research funding’s in reputed institutions. A child’s brain is always busy with innovating new ideas. Proper education system and direction can make this small brain to genius researcher in Different fields. This junior researcher has the capability to represent our country on global platform. With this vision she brings 3C Curriculum of MDN Edify education Pvt.Ltd to Lakhani.

Dr. Yogesh Girhepunje
School Management Board Member

Dr. Yogesh Girhepunje, is Respiratory Specialist, Done his MBBS, PG and DNB (Fortis Hospital, Delhi). He is enthusiastic and passionate about his work and profession. As a doctor he is known for his polite and humble treatment toward his patients. His vision is providing good health services and better education system even to small towns. He is Founder and Director of Shree Multispecialty Hospital, Lakhani.